Indie Artist / Game Designer / Game Jammer


Decades ago in a city oceans away, a man with a childhood dream of designing video games blew a city block’s worth of power when he plugged in his new gaming computer.

Fuse Breaker was born.


Today, that man is busy chasing kids and building mind-blowing video games. Welcome to his portfolio!




This game concept is a 1 v 1 game where players have to hit their weapon box buttons to turn it on. Doing so ejects a weapon into the opposing players field. The players must keep their ball in play while avoiding projectiles from enemy weapons and other obstacles. Each player gets three lives, and the player paddle has a lifebar. 


RPG Concept

This is a game concept I have been working on for a few years. I have the gameplay and mechanics figured out, I would just need someone talented with code and development to bring it to life. If not my concept, these assets could be used for a different style of game.


Nova squadron

These assets could be used for a Shmup or Bullet Hell game. I have six ships with/without armor upgrades, eight weapons w/projectiles, eight upgrade nodules, eight animated alien enemies, animated boss all with abilities and projectiles, and a space garage with animated doors and mechanical arm that equips weapons and upgrade nodules. The name of this concept would need to be changed if engaged.



This was my first concept after I got my B.S in Game Art & Design. The team needed to put this PvP concept together would have to be professional level as there are loads of weapons with very unique mechanics, maps with events and bosses that add another level of difficulty.