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About Fuse Breaker

Not too long ago, yet a few continents away, a young man found himself building his own gaming computer. Excited to show the finished product to the village elder who had helped him, the young man plugged his CPU into the outlet and hit the power button.

Instantly the room went dark, as did the entire city block around him.

"Fuse breaker! Fuse breaker! No! No! No!" the old man shouted.

Without thinking, the young man had turned on his computer using the electric standards of his homeland, rather than this foreign land. In his forgetfulness, several businesses and residences were left without power.

And thus, our hero came to be: Fuse Breaker, the indie game developer who is making his dreams your reality.

Stay tuned as Fuse Breaker launches his games on your favorite gaming console or computer gaming markets!

Latest updates


Cruciamen - Prepare to Die!

Luminious is a lone hero destined to rid the land of the Oculous Invasion. He is still being developed but click the link below to give Cruciamen a go!

Cruciamen is a team project developed by David Sutton, Sam Wise Hearn, Ken Patton, Matt Negri and Sabrina Scott.